The College Football Scouting Report

The College Football Scouting Report

Introduction: A comprehensive evaluation of a player’s skills, abilities, and potential to play college football. this document is strikingly similar to those that I wrote for 10 years as a Pro Football Scout with some special and unique features. Unlike most services of this nature, it is derived from an extensive study of game tapes, combine testing, interviews, and observations. Again it offers the parents and players the opportunity to send the report to the colleges of their choice. it is of great value to potential players be it div.-1, D-1AA, D-2 or Juco by providing them with unknown opportunities. the unknown player will be the unknown recruit. so, do it like the pros!

Overview of Inclusions:

  1. All personal contact information for both parents and the player including phone numbers, e-mail addresses, graduation year, his name, his position, parents’ names, home address (s), graduation year, etc.
  2. High School football information-names and contact information for the head coach, position coach, athletic and trainer, academic advisor, positions played (Off., Def, & special teams)-projected college position-core GPA and test results (ACT or SAT)-projected college course of study-awards, other sports participated in and achievements.
  3. Combine testing: ht & weight, 10-20-40 sprint, standing broad jump, pro shuttle, & 3-cone drill-these done with notations regarding conditions
  4. Intangibles and athletic skills: citizenship, attitude, leadership, substance abuse; toughness, aggressiveness, clutch player; ability to learn, football intelligence, instincts; functional strength (upper, lower, durability & explosion); and foot quickness, agility, balance, change of direction, burst.
  5. Injury history
  6. Position-specific evaluation
  7. Report based on information
  8. Concluding remarks
  9. Applicable stats

The Report Also Includes:

Frontpage player information

Letter to a college coach

Recommended colleges

The ability of the family to send the report to as many colleges as they choose

Note: letters, e-mails, phone calls, and even campus & game visits do not equal being recruited. Colleges send out thousands of these communications and invite them regularly. By the same token offers and commitments are also of little value and mean nothing until a letter of intent is signed. Most college programs will offer my scholarships than they have to give out. Colleges will recruit a player until the get one better and then you will never hear from them again. Recruiting is often a rather nasty business. beware. the moral is this, don’t put all your eggs in one basket!!!

The college football scouting report is unique!

“ Joyce and I view your help and personal involvement as the single most important thing we did to jump-start the recruiting process for our son, Connor……..getting the facts pulled together professionally, from a reliable source early, coupled with your continued support and knowledge did just what you said it would…..we know, the fact that we were able to get your package in the coaches hands as early as we did play a significant part in helping him to get a couple of early offers…….We could not be more pleased with the college football scouting report program but even more so with our renewed relationship with you”.

Their son received a priceless scholarship to the US Air Force Academy

John helped my son attain his goal of a D1 football player. John will be upfront with where your child is in his development and recommends how he will project to college coaches. My son went from QB to outside Linebacker and it worked. John was a big influence on Ryan’s growth. Thanks, John for your help.”