Pro Scout/College Player

First off, I hope you had a great time in Green Bay. We enjoyed having you. It was so good to spend some time with you. I hope we can build upon that and talk some ball more often.

Second, if you can send me anything you have on player evaluation that would be wonderful. I want to continue to improve my abilities in evaluation and writing scouting reports. I think you could help me with that development better than anyone here.

Chad Brinker-Pro Scout-Green Bay Packers

Joe Horn


Thanks for all your help. Joe called the other day after 7 on 7 and said how he no longer thinks about “how to get open” as he comes to the line, but “how to mask his intended route” and how he  is completely deceiving the defender and getting incredible separation on every route. He says this is due to how you taught him to think about it and he is very excited to get the season started. He’s also gained several pounds and he did 4 sets of 3 squats at 375 pounds today, which is his personal best.

Best regards and God bless, Jay Horn [for Joe Horn WR-Ashland U. & Late cut (injured) by the Colts