QB Training

A high intensity deveolpmental experience that will improve any QB at any level.

This is a 1-on-1, 10 session journey from simply being a thrower to becoming a QB. The learning process includes:

  • The Grip
  • Lower and upper body passing mechanics
  • Alternative Passing Mechanics
  • Route Specific Ball Locations
  • Vectoring the Pass
  • Drop & Set Up [3-5-7 Step Depth]
  • QB/Center Exchange
  • Pocket Movement
  • Sprint Out and Play Action Mechanics
  • Downhill Delivery
  • Leadership and Command & Control
  • Much More


  • A willingness to learn
  • An attitude of Expectation
  • A desire to be the Best that you can be

There are a limited number of spaces available so, if you are the kind of QB as described above, call early to reserve your space.



“John is an expert in coaching and developing quarterbacks.  He has transformed my throwing form through a series of drills and techniques to make me a more complete and efficient passer.  Through the short period of time I’ve spent with John, I’ve learned numerous applicable and relevant drills that will enable me not only to compete, but succeed at the professional level. John’s innate ability to teach has made the process of change and transformation easy for me because I was able to see the results almost immediately. John’s experience is second to none, as he is well spoken for by his resume. I’ve learned more in the three weeks I worked with John than I have in the 11 years that I’ve been a quarterback. I would recommend john to any aspiring quarterback, not only because he’s superior in his expertise, but because he has a passion for the game and the QB position, allowing him to communicate clearly for anybody willing to learn.”
Richard Bartel, Free Agent QB out of Tarleton State now active in the NFL

Greg Cosell

“When it comes to teaching the quarterback position, there are few better than John Westenhaver. Quarterback is the single most difficult position in all of sports, and John’s understanding of all that goes into playing it well is unmatched. The techniques, the mechanics, the fundamentals – John’s attention to detail seperates him from many in the business. And I can tell you from many years of watching college and NFL coaching tape that it’s those critical elements that make the difference. I have had many conversations with John over the years, and I always learn something new about the quarterback position.”
Greg Cosell, Executive Producer, NFL Films


 “John Westenhaver is a special kind of coach. He has a unique way of critiquing and assessing your skills and character, he works with the whole person. John teaches in the positive techniques of coaching. He also realizes that you need strong skills in what you do, but that to lead a team you need to know how to handle yourself in adversity and that requires strength of character and discipline. He teaches you to help the people you are working with by using positive reinforcement”.
Matt D’Orazio, QB of two AFL champions
[Chicago and Philadelphia] and AFL Player of the Year


“John Westenhaver is a true master of teaching quarterback fundamentals. I have seen this man in action and he can relate and communicate the various skills necessary in developing the complete quarterback. Besides the technical part of quarterback training, John also works on the mental part of playing the position. I know of no other coach that is more accomplished at quarterback training than John Westenhaver.”
Bill Conley, former assistant coach at Ohio State University and a High School Scout for ESPN’s Scout Inc., currently Head Football Coach at Ohio Dominican University.


“For 20 years I have searched for the key to successful offensive coaching strategies. My offense has been ranked at the top of NCAA rankings for years but something was missing. The key to any offensive system is how one coaches the Quarterback. After buying all the videos, going to clinics, talking to NFL and top collegiate Quarterback coaches I found the “Holy Grail” of coaching the QB. – Coach Westenhaver’s system is second to none and it works with any offensive system!” In fact, while coaching at the professional level I was able to exclusively utilize his system to turn around our offense in the last third of the season…. Everyone noticed the increase in production and when I spoke to Marc Trestman (Montreal’s, Head Coach), I told him about my relationship to Coach Westenhaver and he confirmed what I already knew when he stated that Coach Westenhaver’s knowledge of quarterback fundamentals was the most complete he had ever seen.”
Manny Matsakis, Former college and pro coach