Pro Prospect Evaluation

Pro Football Agents do you too often spend a lot of money recruitng and supporting marginal players? Football Evaluations offers you the opportunity for you to get a PROFESSIONAL evaluation of those players prior to your investment.

  • An evaluation of their football skills based on the study of game tapes
  • A detailed report of their strengths, weaknesses and limitations
  • The elimination or reduction of costly mistakes in recruiting
  • Individual training in preperation for “The Combine” or “Pro Day”

Did you ever wonder why there is rarely a player given a 1st or 2nd round grade on the “scouting combine’s” Spring reports? The reason is simple, many of their scouts “sit on the fence” and refuse to make a committment. Now if this happens with the better prospects, how about the late round and free agent suspects.
Now you can get the objective opinion of a former scout on the potential of each of your perspective clients before you lose your investment.

JeffChilcoat“John Westenhaver has extensive experience as a college coach and Pro scout. I have utilized his skills in analyzing NFL prospects for over 10 years and trust his judgement implicitly. In addition to evaluating talent for us on film, John has trained several NFL QB’s that we represent and both the players and our staff were very happy with the amazing improvement in a short time that was shown from John’s high level of knowledge in this area. John is a talented professional and I highly recommend his Pro Prospect Evaluations.”
Jeff Chilcoat, NFL Agent