We personally work with each athlete so we can guarantee maximum exposure to the college of your choice. We will also give a few recommendations for schools we feel may be a perfect fit based on our knowledge and experience.


The report is prefaced by a Pro Combine Testing session where the following tests are administered and included in the final report:

Sprint times- 10-20-40 yds, Height [1/8ths of an inch], Weight, Arm Span, Hand Span, 20 yd Pro Shuttle, Standing Broad Jump, Vertical Jump, 3-Cone Drill, 185/225 lb Bench Press.


  • Section 1- All personal contact information: Player, both parents, [ address, phone{home, work, mobile, e-mail for each, High School name and address.
  • Section 2-High School Football Information including: jersey #, position [Off, Def, Special Teams], Games played/started, projected college position.
  • Section 3- Academic Information: GPA, Core GPA, Clearinghouse, SAT/ACT scores, HS course of study, potential college curriculum, Academic awards, school/non-school activities and accomplishments.
  • Section 4- Injury History and status
  • Section 5- High School Contact info: Head Coach, Position Coach, Principal, Academic Advisor, Trainer
  • Section 6- General Football Evaluation. This list of criteria is common to each report and includes such things a character, athletic ability, functional strength, etc.
  • Section 7- Position Specific Evaluation. Each position has its own unique points of evaluation.
  • Section 8- Narrative description of the player’s abilities [strong points, weak points, limitations].


  • Strong points- those abilities that are strong in regard to his position or in an athletic sense
  • Weak points- those areas where a player can and needs to improve
  • Limitations- those areas where the player cannot and will not improve [height]
  • Section 9- Letters of reference to establish the player’s character.
  • For all reports that are written prior to the players Senior season a supplemental report will also be provided covering his last season.