With 12 years as a college coach, including four as a head coach, and 10 years as a pro football scout, I can say unequivocally that John Westenhaver’s scouting reports are the kind that pro and college teams value.

George Heddleston
Former General Manger (Pittsburg Maulers-USFL) and Administrative Assistant (Cowboys and 49ers)

I have known John Westenhaver for more than a decade. I have found him not only to be a man of great character and integrity, but a selfless and generous professional who loves to teach and coach young men. He is highly evolved in his understanding of the QB position and is extremely articulate in communicating the science and nuance that goes with the coaching the position. I hold John in high regard, have gone to him for his expert opinion, and consider him a friend.

Marc Trestman
Former Head Coach of the Chicago Bears and two time Grey Cup winner in the CFL

When it comes to teaching the quarterback position, there are few better than John Westenhaver. Quarterback is the single most difficult position is all of sports, and John’s understanding of all that goes in to playing it well is unmatched. The techniques, the mechanics, the fundamentals – John’s attention to detail separates him from many in the business. And I can tell you from many years of watching college and NFL coaching tape that it’s those critical elements that make the difference. I have had many conversations with John over the years, and I always learn something new about the quarterback position.”

Greg Cosell
Executive Producer NFL Films

I have known Coach Westenhaver for over 30 years. He is a man of great character and integrity. I know this because he was my college coach and gave me the opportunity to work with him when my playing career was over. What I have learned from him is something I value to this day. His work ethic and knowledge of the game has given me the values I have to this day. I consider John a mentor and a great friend”.

Scott McEwen
former director of College Scouting & VP- Detroit Lions

“You quickly realize after spending just a few minutes with John Westenhaver that he has a deep passion for the game of football and a great ability to communicate the intricacies of the game into its simplest form. You would be hard-pressed to find a better coach and quarterback talent evaluator in football. He has spent over four decades perfecting his skills under some of the greatest names in football including Paul Brown, Bobby Bowden, and R.C. Slocum. His passion is both contagious and inspiring which has led me to pursue my lifelong dream in the National Football League. Thank you John for all your time and effort pouring your heart into the young men of this great game.”

Chad Brinker
Scout & Player Personnel Executive-Green Bay Packers
Member: NFL Alumni-USFL Alumni-American Football Coaches Association