• By the Numbers

    By the Numbers [Learn More] Height, weight and speed these are what is referred to as “the numbers”. what do they mean? how are they applied? what real significance do […]

  • The Recruiting Board

    The Recruiting Board and Overflow [Learn More] the board: it hangs in every college football office position QB [ for example] 1. joe blow 2. BILL brown 3. john smith […]

  • Recruiting Points

    Recruiting Points: comments from college coaches/cfsr’s response “The big problems with recruiting services are that they are not personal and are usually run by business people rather than people with […]

  • Recruiting 101

    Recruiting 101 If a player is not a “Blue Chip/Super Star” High School football player and he lives in a rural area, off the beaten path of college recruiters, how […]

  • D-1 The Only Goal?

    For many football players and high school coaches, if it is not D-1 then there is nothing. Let me explain what I mean. Too many players set their goal of […]

  • IF

    “if” The Goal = create exposure & expressing a desire if you……[fill in the blank]………………………………………………your problems are compounded. 1. attend a rural school 2. attend a small school 3. don’t […]

  • Overlooked

    These players were all overlooked by the big schools. Do you recognize any of these names? LYLE ALZADO – YANKTON [S.D.]KEN ANDERSON – AUGUSTANA [ILL]DON BEEBE – CHADRON STATE [NEB.]MEL […]

  • QB- 3 Things

    the quarterback: Must have these 3 things The arm motion of a tennis serve The foot quickness of a boxer The hips of a golfer

  • QB- Vectoring or Dynamic Geometry

    Vectoring or Dynamic Geometryvector is defined in the second edition of the American heritage dictionary as follows: “A quantity completely specified by a magnitude and a direction”. I am more […]