Recruiting Points

Recruiting Points: comments from college coaches/cfsr’s response

  • “The big problems with recruiting services are that they are not personal and are usually run by business people rather than people with athletic backgrounds.”

the college football scouting report is a one-on-one personal relationship and is operated by a former college coach and pro scout!

  • “the source of the service must be credible.”

the report is compiled by a former coach and scout with over 35 years in the football business!

  • “service tends to be less objective and partial to the player from a purely marketing standpoint”.

The “cfsr” is an objective, third-party evaluation that includes verified information, strong points, weak points, and limitations!

  • “There are so few scholarships out there, that the player who has a plan will have a better chance of being recruited.”

the “cfsr” is the plan and is made relevant by continued support!

  • “some services make elaborate videos of players, with little content and more emphasis on the flare. Though seemingly entertaining, music and backdrops do nothing to help the player get recruited.”

the “cfsr” contains no fluff. It is not entertaining. It is the way NFL players have bee evaluated for years!

  • “accurate personal, academic, and athletic information is mandatory.”

recruiters want real, verified and reliable information, that is what the “cfsr” gives them!

  • “certain coaches do not use the internet and would rather see a personal communication and a video that he can view that contains accurate depictions of a player’s ability.”

The “cfsr” is unique. there is nothing like it available anywhere. it grabs the recruiter’s attention. The “cfsr” is offered on a limited basis!

  • “many recruiting services charge a minimum of $2500 and send out mass emails with a player’s bio and highlight tape. this nonpersonal information is overwhelming and ineffective.”

The elite “cfsr” package costs far less, is very personal, and you the parents send it only to colleges that you and your son are interested in!

  • “If a coach receives 100 emails from various services, do you think he is going to review every one of these profiles with care and importunity?”

the obvious answer is NO. the uniqueness of the “cfsr” will cause the coach to notice it and consider it!

  • “college coaches receive hundreds of communications from potential prospects, most of which are not even read. a personal letter, in the proper format and contain all the vital information probably will be read and considered.”

one like a thousand or one in a thousand, the choice is yours!

  • “regarding internet recruiting, most of the information put on websites is done by the individual and are not truthful or accurate, or are in the least nonobjective.”

the “cfsr” is truthful, accurate and objective, period!

  • “There are more scholarships offered to those who work hard at their sport and have credible resources.”

the “cfsr” may in a way make you work harder. it will for sure give you the most credible resource possible