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During my days as a College Football Coach, I made it a priority to each summer visit the training camps of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals and the Miami Dolphins. As a result of those visits, I was able to cement solid relationships with Art Rooney, Jr., Paul Brown, and Tom Keane and many others who were gracious enough to serve as mentors and teachers of football at its highest level. I also had the privilege of coaching with Bobby Bowden, Joe Pendry, Vince Gibson, Hayden Buckley, and R.C. Slocum as well as many others. Paul Brown and I were walking off the practice field at Wilmington College one day and he told me this, “The best coaches are the best teachers.” Those words have never left me. People still call me Coach but I prefer to be recognized as a teacher of football skills. In addition, having served as a Pro Scout for 10 years, I have acquired the ability to objectively evaluate a players strong points, weak points and potential, as well as areas of needed improvement beyond his current situation. It is these qualities that I bring to Football Evaluations and which I offer them to you.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  I love to talk football.

Sincerely, John Westenhaver


SCOUTING REPORT-COLLEGE: The Report is an objective evaluation of a player’s potential to play college football at some level. It includes personal and family information, evaluation of athletic ability and position specific skill analysis. It is very similar to the reports that I did as a Pro Scout and which are now in the archives of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The primary goal of the report is to get the player on the radar screens of college recruiters and it enables parents and players to send it to schools that they are interested in, Remember, unknown equals not being recruited.

QUARTERBACK TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT: The QB position is the most difficult position in all of sport to master and this can be said regardless of the level of competition. Efficiency and consistency are the goals. These are achieved with a complete understanding and execution of the proper passing mechanics and a solid foundation of the intangible factors that are required. This is not a quick-fix program but one that demands a commitment to excellence. A minimum commitment of 10 sessions is required of first time participants with possible additional sessions if required. Many of my QB clients return year after year or seek single fix-it sessions to address specific issues.

POSITION SPECIFIC SKILL EVALUATION: This is a ‘no holds barred’ evaluation of a player’s skill level. The objective is to identify his strong points and to zero in on his weak points. In reference to his weak points this evaluation identifies the problem(s), points out the cause of the problem(s) and instructs the player in how to correct the problem(s). The evaluation is intended for the personal use of the player and is not suitable for use as a recruiting tool.

COMBINE TESTING: As a former Pro Scout, I have had the opportunity to conduct Combine Testing of many Pro players and am always appalled by the way this type of testing is conducted and disseminated by non professionals. Accuracy and consistency are vital and many of the tests are not even included.  Typically the testing includes the following: 10, 20, and 40 yard times; Short Shuttle and Long Shuttle; 3-Cone Drill; Height; Weight; Standing Broad Jump; Vertical Jump; Bench Press for reps; Wing Span; Arm Length; and Hand Span. All of these are indicators of a players potential to play at their or projected positions.