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Meet Coach John Westenhaver

If you have read the above link to “Meeting John Westenhaver”, and I hope you have, you will notice that I have spent nearly all of my adolescent years and all of my adult life in football in one form or other. I have had the privilege of being a college coach and recruiting coordinator, a pro scout and have operated Football Evaluations as an LLC for the past twelve years. I have a deep passion for the game and especially for those players who have the passion to play at the college level. They are the main purpose and focus of what I do. I offer to those players and their families the opportunity to get their sons noticed by college recruiters and open unknown opportunities for them. About 1% of high school football players get the opportunity to play at the D-1level. I can certainly help that type of player by expanding his exposure but my real passion is for those players who for one reason or another do not fit the profile for that level of competition. There are, for sure, many mistakes in the D-1 recruiting process and in my years as a pro scout have seen many players from D1AA and D-2 schools make it to the pros. These are players who were judged to not have the size, ability or physical maturity to be recruited by major colleges.

That being said, let me tell you what I am about. I do not like pressure sales and my promise to you is that I will never pressure you or your son in any way shape or form. I believe in being truthful and honest in my business dealings and will always be the same to you. Those are my pledges to you.

If you give me the opportunity to help your son realize his passions and dreams you will receive my utmost attention and professional approach to this rather complicated process of college football recruiting. I will educate you in the process because it is a maze of twists and turns, of dos and don’ts.

If you have any questions or concerns I’m always here for you!

God Bless,

Coach John Westenhaver

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